Rules for Membership of the ACTSMA


  • Membership is open to all those that have an interest in modified vehicles.
  • The current membership fees are:

                 Annual fees, $40.00 (for single members) $45.00 (for family members).

  • To become a member the applicant must attend 3 consecutive meetings as a guest of the ACTSMA, and sign the attendance book, plus attend at least 3 approved runs (this includes shows and coffee nights). On being accepted by the Committee to join the ACTSMA an application form must be filled out, and the applicant will required to pay the Annual fee.
  • All members must be financial to vote at the AGM (August each year).  For the Executive Committee i.e. President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer, membership fees will be reimbursed. If not re-elected at the next AGM then membership fees must be paid.
  • Fees are to be paid personally to a Committee member (President, Secretary, or Treasurer) at a club meeting, unless there is exceptional circumstances approved by the committee, and must be active members.
  • Once an application form has been accepted there is no requirement to complete another application form yearly unless details have changed.
  • A member becomes un-financial if fees are not received by the 30th of June, and after being un-financial for 6 months, then the member will be required to meet the requirements of 3 above.
  • If a member resigns from the ACTSMA they must advise the committee why they resigned.  If they wish to re-join the club they may be allowed to rejoin the club depending on the circumstances. If accepted they will be required to meet the requirements of 3 above.
  • For members who have vehicles on the Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS), they must be financial at all times, fees to be paid by 30th of June. If they become un-financial they should not drive their CRS vehicle until membership fees have been paid.


Membership Form Attachment - Under Construction 



ACTSMA Rules for Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS)


The Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) provides a significant saving to members who have cars that meet the  RTA requirements.  The Club Registrar maintains records and undertakes inspection of log books as deemed necessary.  The Club Registrar is also responsible for reporting infringements to the Registrar of the Council of ACT Motor Clubs (CACTMC) for action.  There is an onus on the club to ensure that this privilege is not abused either by non-adherence to restrictions and documentation, or by “sleeping” members who join only for CRS and do not participate in club activities.


1.0 To be eligible for CRS the following applies :

1.1 Must be a financial member of the ACTSMA for at least 3 (three) months

1.2 The vehicle must be Registered in the members name, or the spouse’s name if a family member.

1.3 The vehicle must be sighted and approved by the Club Registrar before being nominated for CRS.


2.0 To remain eligible for CRS, the following applies:


2.1 Must be a financial and active club member ie: must attend at least 5 recognised club events such as club meetings and club outings during the 12 month CRS period for that vehicle. Club outings are those nominated in meeting minutes. At least one of these outings must be with the nominated vehicle. A CRS attendance book will be available at all club meetings, and most club outings. It is the CRS owners responsibility to complete details of meetings/outings attended.

2.2 The vehicle must be sighted by the Club Registrar on registration renewal, unless the registrar does not require to inspect the nominated vehicle.

2.3 A log book must be provided on nomination for CRS, and maintained and kept with the vehicle at all times. The log book must be filled in prior to the vehicle being driven. It is advisable that a copy of the current minutes be kept with the logbook to prove that the vehicle is on a sanctioned club run when requested else the vehicle may be deemed unregistered.

2.4 Log books must be produced when requested by the CACTMC Club Delegate, Club Registrar, Police or Registration Authorities. The log book will be signed as being sighted.

2.5 Any modifications to the vehicle must be advised to the registrar, preferably before they are done as they may make the vehicle ineligible for CRS.



ACT Street Machine Association Inc is on the  CRS scheme with the Council of ACT Motor Clubs.

The Council co-manages the ACT’s Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) in partnership with the ACT Road Transport Authority (RTA). Further details of the scheme are available via the following links:

CRS Form



The Council co-manages the ACT’s Concessional Registration Scheme (CRS) in partnership with the ACT Road Transport Authority (RTA).

The CRS provides for the registration of veteran, vintage and historic vehicles and motor cycles at a concessional rate under the following conditions:

  • The owner must be a financial member of a club
  • That club must be affiliated with the Council
  • The vehicle must be more than thirty years old (30)
  • The vehicle must comply with the RTA/Council modification policy for CRS vehicles
  • Vehicle use must comply with the Government’s CRS rules
  • The vehicle must carry a log book and all trips must be entered prior to departure and completed on return
  • The vehicle must be authenticated each year by the Registrar of the club to which the vehicle’s owner belongs

Currently there are nearly 1200 vehicles on CRS in the ACT.

Further details on veteran, vintage and historic registration under this scheme are available from the RTA website.

This site also provides relevant information on unregistered vehicle permits, duty exemptions for registration on newly-restored veteran, vintage and historic (VVH) vehicles and a range of similar issues related to the CRS.

NSW CRS and Historic Schemes

ACT Street Machine Association Inc also a signatory for NSW schemes in conjunction with the Council of ACT motor Clubs. Information on these schemes is below.